Oh Stinson Beach. I wanted to come here for so long and choose the absolute worst day to go: Memorial day. Apparently this is the ONLY beach in the North Bay and people are OK with waiting forever to get there. Living in San Jose and having the luxury of countless beaches to the south this will be our last three plus hour trip to the beach. Also, its super windy and Brooklyn threw up (!!!???) on the ride there. When we finally got there the beach was pretty amazing I must admit. It was sunny and hot until about an hour later when it turned freezing. We left the beach and headed to get ice cream and play on the play ground where it again turned into blazing hot heat. Then we got back into our car and drove home. Happy Memorial day!

^Brooklyn likes to help dress herself now. She has very good fashion

^^something about this bridge that makes us ohhh and ahhh every time we drive over

^^im obsessed with this family of mine<3
^^Lydia in her Black dog- martha's vineyard sweatshirt

^Lydia fell asleep and i really was quite the 3d wheel (not even a picture of me all day!)

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