The 4th of July has been one of my favorite holidays as long as I can remember. I think Boston celebrates it extra good because, well thats where it all began. Here, we need to try to find all the festivities. We started the day at the church pancake breakfast and parade then headed down to Aptos in the evening for beach bonfire and fireworks with friends. The day was pretty magical from watching Brooklyn walk in the parade to the red, white and blue fireworks bursting over the ocean.

^^she doesn't have a bike or scooter so i decorated her baby stroller

^^when we arrived it was evident walking the baby stroller would be too slow. my good friend kari had brought an extra, decorated scooter brooklyn was able to ride. 

^^blue eyes<3

^^this family of mine. how did i get so lucky

^^beach bonfire with my family and good friends 

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