I am obsessed with being in Boston, enough to fly back for 48 hours, with two kids, alone. The flight there was pretty bad and the one home was even worse. We had a connection each way and Lydia decided to cry almost the entire time (6 hours) on both flights. Mom may have shed a tear too. Especially on the fight from Atlanta to San Francisco that left at 9PM and everyone on the plane was sleeping. It was a really hard one.
Being in Boston was amazing though and totally worth it. The weather was perfect, we went to the beach Saturday and the pool Sunday. I got to go to Jenna's wedding shower too! Its always a party at my house when I come home. Ah how I love being in Boston. See you again in August! 

^^as soon as she boards the plane she grabs the instruction guide to "find the babies", requested her snack and apple juice. serious frequent flier.
^^if they had only slept, or stayed there, or just didn't cry...

^^wedding shower! bentley bridesmaids 

^^regular diaper in the pool, gets us every time

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