I can't believe we are counting years, not months anymore. My baby.. my baby.. my baby. She's a big girl now. She was really lucky to have two birthday parties for her second birthday. The first she had on her actual birthday with her grandparents and cousins and the next was the following week with her little friends. I really could not love my little Brooklyn anymore. Everything she does and says is just so cute. Right now she loves going to her swimming class and soccer practice. Her two best friends are Ty Toolson and Evelyn Menasco. She can sing several short songs; some of her favorites are happy birthday, twinkle twinkle little star and row row row your boat. She also likes to quote nursery rhymes, and sing the A,B,Cs. She knows all her colors and is beginning to learn shapes. Brooklyn loves to read books all the time. Every morning when she first wakes up she runs with a book and we read several before bed each night. She's been in her big girl bed for a few months now and is doing great. I only found her sleeping on the floor one time. She loves to give a bear hug but is still really stingy with her kisses. Her "cheese face" is getting more and more intense, she now even clenches her first to really smile. Brooklyn says "OK!" to anything that is asked of her and skips off to do what she is told. She wears her princess hello kitty or mini mouse dresses to bed every night. She loves to eat and tries anything new we give her. She likes to give Lydia hugs/ tackles her when she gets really excited. Every day with this little girl is such an adventure. Happy second birthday Brooklyn, we could not love you anymore!!! 

^^The birthday morning started with a donut and a happy birthday song. 

^^the adult party goers (and lydia)

^^opening her gifts 

^^hello kitty tent time 

^^her hello kitty "happy birthday" princess dress.. we picked this out a few weeks in advance. she was anticipating wearing it for her happy birthday every morning 
^^all brooklyn's friends! {and some little siblings} 
^^trudy's arm around brooklyn's neck. i sure love toddlers 

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