I think we should take a family photo every year. Especially when the girls are young because they change so much each and every year. I LOVED our 2013 family photos. Unfortunately this year we used a different photographer and it was sunny and Brooklyn had just woken up from a nap and the pictures are mostly humous. I have resolved to frame two of them just because we did so much to prepare and spent all the money on the actual photos. Heres hoping 2015 pictures look better! 

^^even rob's face in these! that sun was really bright 

^^i bought this dress that morning and didn't really try it on. it looks like I'm getting ready for a baptism AND i thought my necklace was in the car. all around not a good look. 

^^lydia making a pug dog face to cope with the sun

^^my favorite picture of the group. i swear we do not abuse our children

^^the only possible good one


  1. hello cutest family! i love those two at the end :)
    you're one hot mama! miss you!