We had the funnest time at Jenna and Brads wedding! I think everyone that knows me is aware they are my favorite couple of all time. Brad was basically my third roommate for my last two years of college. Saying we all did everything together would be an understatement. These two were present for almost everyone of my best college memories. The whole weekend was dreamy in Kenneybunkport, ME. I loved brining Rob there for the first time and showing more of all the awesome places in New England. The rehearsal dinner was a lobster bake (my very favorite), the dessert was even whoopie pies (almost my favorite). It was like the menu was tailored for me. The wedding was beautiful. I didn't get any pictures because I was standing up at the alter but Jenna looked stunning. Obviously I cried a little watching her walk down the isle and listening to the tender vows they both prepared. It may be because I'm pregnant but everything at this wedding was so touching to me. We woke up bright and early Saturday to get our hair and make up done and before I knew it we were off to the reception. The venue was a beautiful hotel over looking the ocean. We danced the night away, took pictures in the PhotoBooth and got to send off wishing lanterns before we went home. Every wedding I attend I want to get remarried all over again. What a special night for a special couple. Jenna and Brad, I love you both! 

^me and my boo at the rehearsal dinner 
^bibs on for the lobster bake- Maine lobster, can't be beaten 
^morning of the wedding! - all the Bentley girls 
^a last minute pat for brewer because she walked down the isle 
^Mr & Mrs Brad Petersen! 
^weddings make me feel so romantic and grateful for my own husband 
^so much fun in the PhotoBooth 
^my favorite college gals
^sending the wishing lanterns into the sky at the end of the night. Here's to a life time of love & happiness for Jenna and Brad! 

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