My poor Brooklyn was so so sick last week. In her short life she really has only had a cold once and hand, foot and mouth, which didn't bother her too much. Rob, Lydia and I were all super sick but it seemed Brooklyn was going to miss it until she came down with a fever. It started Monday night at her soccer practice she was super winey and running slow. After I took her to get fro yo but she kept saying she was cold and wanted to go home. Once we got home, I felt her head and she was on fire! We gave her baby tylenol and put her to bed. She woke up the next morning, same thing. By the evening we started getting concerned. Eventually her fever got up to 104.5. That was enough for us to bring her to the ER. We thought she must have strep throat or an ear infection. To our surprise she was looking good. The physician said  to bring her home that it must be viral. Next day, same thing. And by the evening, same thing. Except she was saying it hurt when she peed and it felt itchy. I had left for the evening for an early work meeting in Eureka so Rob brought her back to the ER. They discovered after blood work and urine samples she had a UTI! Her body was so hot trying to fight the infection and all she really needed were some antibiotics. We were so thankful to have an answer. It was a really scary two days.

^^my sweaty dolly

^^so lethargic 
^^first night in the ER

^^second night in the ER
^^the next day- already so much happier, fever free!

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