Labor Day weekend has been so good to our family these last few years and this year was no exception. The beginning of the week we decided- its a long weekend, lets plan something! We hadn't been down to Monterey in way too long so we booked a hotel, packed the kids and hit the road. I have such a special place in my heart for this area. When I first moved to California (gasp, six years ago) I lived in Pacific Grove for two months. One of Rob's friends was having a huge birthday party in Carmel and the Monterey County Fair was in town so it came together perfectly. 

^^Del Monte Beach. We had never been here before but totally fell in love.  

^^when we first got there it felt cold but warmed up right away
^^love this age. love this boy. such a lucky mama
^^thanks dad for making me look like a goof ball 

^^rockin his first baseball cap- poor thing looks ill with that hair
^^brooklyn's first sand castle! 

^^stud husband i have :)
^^and such a good dad
^^my #1 girl, always.. my little dolly
^^the girls always want to be "mermaids" then we buried beckett too haha
^^stuttin her stuff down the boardwalk
^^del monte beach! 
^^listening to some country folks at the fair, rob's face expresses how he feels about that 
^^SO excited about riding the horses. they begged and begged to ride them
^^patiently waiting for her turn
^^i couldn't even handle how much she loved riding the horse. pure childhood magic 

^^lydia loved it too. she was a little less expressive than brooklyn 

^^i can't even handle her cuteness 
^^family carnival time 
^^the sleep situation 

^^modeling their church dresses. lydia is trying to push b out of the picture haha!
^^first time sitting in a high chair! he is all of a sudden so big!! :(
^^disregard my face in this picture. i just love lydia's face here

^^the view from the birthday party in carmel-by-the-sea 

^^just pretending we are rich 
^^the pictures don't do this place justice. my first time ever being in a 25M house. it was insane 
^^and returning to the hotel. brooklyn has started throwing up at this point, lydia got moved to the chair
^^super cool playground 
^^driving along the beaches in pacific grove 

^^we kept stopping to find a beach, none to be had!
^^we were feeling pretty lovey dovey on this trip
^^the little chicken house in PG- a place rob always went growing up. 
^^we went back to del monte to eat our little chicken house and enjoy another beautiful beach day
^^my little side kick. she's turning into an even bigger "mama's girl" than brooklyn!
^^i forgot beckett's water shirt in the car.
i put the towel over him while rob went back to get it.
he looked so funny crawling around!

^^this weekend is one to remember. i am SO lucky to have this family of mine!!!

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