The last weekend of August we packed up the kids and drove to Portola Valley. A few friends said it was a good spot but we weren't really sure why we were going there. We ended up driving around looking at all the houses we could never afford to live in and then settled on going to a park. I wish I had taken a picture of the view, it was looking directly into these beautiful hills, the sky and backdrop was breath taking. While we were there a birthday party was going on and they had hired someone to walk around and play peaceful guitar music, it was really weird but so calming. After Rob surprised me with a Maine lobster restaurant-- Portola Valley Lobster Shack! The food was everything east coast and so so good! This day was perfect, definitely one that will be remembered for a while! 

^^i love that beck is part of the playground group now :)

^^so lucky to have these two boys in my life!

^^i don't take enough "dad in action shots" he's so great with the kids! (not that they aren't babies anymore ;)
^^poor beck and his crazy hair… i don't have the heart to cut it! 
^^maine lobstah!! see see!
^^worth the trip for the lobstah sandwich alone! 

^^trying to wink like her shirt!

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