Happy Halloween

One day I will post less than a month prior to events happening.

Brooklyn's first halloween was SO MUCH fun! We got into the spirit early by dressing her in pumpkin gear everywhere we went...

Pumpkin hats! (with her best friend Brooke)
Adorable pumpkin skirt, socks, shirt with an orange head band- so festive! 

Rob and I hosted our first party at the new house. We hit the dollar store and bought tons of cute Halloween decorations. There was a lot of food, people in costumes, dancing, spooky smoke gas, apple bobbing, even a best dressed contest.

All the girls <3

I took the day of Halloween off to spend with my little sweetie. 

There was a really fun Willow Glen trick or treating for infants during the day. My friends Janae, Amy and I walked all around town and then had lunch. Brooklyn was so cute looking around and reaching out her hand to receive candy. 

In the evening Rob and I brought Brooklyn to approximately two houses before she fell asleep. We then handed out the candy at our house and attempted to watch a Halloween movie. Turns out giving the candy isn't as much fun as receiving it. I think we saw over 300 kids which means about every 2 minutes the door bell was ringing.

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