I have been trying to record what and when I feed Brooklyn (some posts herehere and here) now that she is six months I am having a really hard time creating a daily meal plan for her. Upon our physicians's recommendation I recently purchased Super Baby Food. I thought we were doing good buying Gerber brand in the little plastic tubs, feeding her breast milk as much as possible and supplementing with formula. Oh boy was I wrong. First rule of Super Baby, NO food jars are acceptable; you must make your own. Second, that food must be certified, organic and purchased from a health store. Finally, Super Baby eats well balanced meals including things like tofu, super porridge, oats, avocado, ground flaxseed, kiwi, vitamin drops and iron drops. I'm currently on page 140 of this 500 page book and my head is spinning. I love the idea of all natural, organic, and home made for my little girl but I have to admit everything is a little overwhelming. 

Last night we ventured to Whole Foods to buy some things for our Super Baby Brooklyn. They didn't have the organic sweet potatoes OR the organic avocado (what the heck?!), instead we left with teething cookies b picked out. 

^^someone thinks she is a big girl, smiling at all the people and kicking her little legs
^^ teething cookie in her mouth


  1. That outfit is so cute!! Did Rob's mom make it??

  2. isn't it adorable! I actually bought it... Someone at the store asked me if I made it (haha) I almost said yes.