First let me start by saying Rob and I get the biggest kick out of Brooklyn watching TV. She sits in front of the screen mesmerized, especially by sports games with fast action. We actually thought she was a sports lover until recently we did a little research and found out TV is very bad for little brains. We read several different articles, like this one that says babies under two should not be watching any TV. Children under two cannot understand what is being said or retain the information. This means those educational shows and movies aren't good either. While babies are watching TV they are not talking with parents or using their own imagination to play with toys. Young TV watching has been linked to sleep problems, obesity, impaired concentration and speech delays. Another article even said because babies cannot differentiate between real life and the TV screen the TV can make them uncertain and insecure about their entire existence! Scary stuff, especially because our nanny was keeping the TV on for several hours a day for Brooklyn to learn, watch or keep occupied while she is doing other tasks. To all the mamas reading, shut those TVs off! 

oh, and have a Happy Valentines day! <3

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