Over Memorial day we packed up one of our four kids and flew to Denver to see the other three. We arrived really early Saturday and left really late on Monday. We did so many activities and had so much fun in just the three days we were there.

Saturday we started by going to Drew's age 4-6  basketball game, possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I forgot how young kids start. It was more magnet ball than actual passing but Drew dribbled really well, we were impressed! Next we brought Sawyer to a Harry Potter birthday party (hence the lightening bolt on his forehead for the entire weekend). We got lunch and Brielle and I got our nails done because we are fancy. After going out for frozen yogurt we headed back to the hotel/apartment place we rented for the weekend and hit the pool, watched TV and ordered tons of Dominos. It was a very healthy start to the weekend.

^^sawyer potter proudly showing his gear

^^ love this family shot with everyone smiling! 
Sunday we started the morning going to church. After we went to this fancy mexican restaurant and waited for about an hour, not so fun with four kids. This is the first time we have traveled with four littles its so fun but also exhausting. I was ready for bed around 8PM each night. Sunday night we did some more swimming, Brielle and I worked out in the gym and then we played a bunch of games at the apartment. We needed to rest up for the stacked line up on Monday.

^^group pictures with four kids

^^trying to model? 
^^displaying brielle's fury with b's mini furby

^^one of my favorites. they all wanted to go into b's crib

Monday was such a blast! We started off the morning with our tradition of donuts. Rob claims this is for the kids but he secretly loves donuts maybe even more than them. We checked out of the apartment and headed north to downtown Denver. Rob served his mission in this area so we got a tour and he pointed out different places where things happened. It was really fun to be able to hear all his stories and go back in time like that with him. Our first stop was Hammond's Candy, the oldest candy making factory in Denver. We got to watch movies about how candy was made in the 1920s, get a tour of the factory, free samples and of course we bought a whole bunch to eat at the end. Next we headed to Casa Bonita an insane Mexican restaurant/arcade/waterfall divers show/live theater/puppet show/Disney world. This was one of Rob's favorite places to go as a missionary and it was hilarious. Brooklyn was a frightened by the gorilla that ran around to all the tables but other than that it was all smiles and laughs. Anyone who has kids in this area you can stay for hours and be entertained. We finished off the day with another kid's favorite bowling.  

^^during the tour, the hats were too cute 

^^waiting to go into case bonita, not even knowing what was in store
^^notice the huge gorilla next to her

^^such a sweet candid 

^^brooklyn giving the #1 sign!
We had such a fun weekend with all the kids. I love spending time with these three little ones and especially watching them interact with Brooklyn. Each of the kids have their own special bond with her, its so sweet. We see them next to go to Disneyland for April school vacation, we can't wait! 

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  1. What a fun weekend!! Even though we don't live by you guys its really nice to get a glimpse of everything you are doing! Awesome photos too- you guys must have been ExhAUSTED after all the fun stuff you packed into a few days. Oh and I love the Brielle/Brooklyn pics.. Brooklyn looks like Brielle's very own American girl doll mini-me!! Haha can't wait to see everyone in April! :) <3