This long Labor Day weekend I really wanted to take a fun trip with our family of three. With only a few weeks left before the new baby arrives it feels really important to soak up all this time with Brooklyn as an only child. We decided to do a road trip north up the coast. Special thank you to my awesome husband who said this was "my weekend." He kind of hates this type of thing but he was amazing and agreed to every stop. Even the antique show, although he gave me a 5 minute time limit.:) We started out Friday night staying in San Francisco then drove to Muir Woods, Bodega Bay, and the Russian River. We worked our way up and down the coast until we arrived back in San Francisco Saturday night and spent the day there Sunday. We had SUCH a blast and were delighted how good of a road trip-er Brooklyn is. Next trip will be as a family of four!   

Getting it started Friday night! 
^^watching the street  performers along Fisherman's Wharf 
^^ ending the night with in-n-out shakes
^^ early start in the car saturday morning 
^^muir woods! a 4 year dream of mine to attend

^^a very curious brooklyn

^^ love these two always making the same faces

^^heading down to the russian river for a swim

^^such a fun and cool spot
^^look close thats me and brooklyn! 
^^we hit the antique show in town after. this was ..... interesting. 
^^rob was pretty opposed to attending until he saw this beauty
^^an antique hat for brooklyn, don't mind if i do
^^bodega bay was gorgeous but really overcast! 
^^definitely needed jackets to hang out in the cool/misty weather 
^^yes i received worst mother of the year award when i fed brooklyn ketchup to keep her from screaming until our food arrived. rob was horrified when he saw this and immediately instructed me to stop. 
^^brooklyn's very first kid's meal! she ate the entire thing... and some of mine
^^we saw lots and lots and lots of cows on our drive 
^^making our way back into san fran
^^and directly to chili pies once we arrived in the city. super cute little restaurant that blends a full slice of pie with ice cream into a shake. i would recommend trying it once for the experience but for the amount of calories and taste i wouldn't go back. 

^^lazer focused on all and every food
^^my baby is so big! she looks like a little kid now :/
^^and this is what we look like after a full day of driving. yikes

^^checking out the view from our hotel room
^^hotel whitcomb very much resembled the tower of terror elevator. i was just waiting to be ejected out the side of the building
^^family selfie shots. you know you do them
^^love those blue skies. we kind of like living in the bay area
^^walking the mean streets of sf
^^mel's "famous" dinner

^^last stop dropping off the husband to band practice in the city. yup, i'm his groupie ;)

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