Our little Lydia is ONE MONTH old! She is such the apple of our eye it is totally crazy. I had a lot of anxiety prior to her being born that I wouldn't be able to love her the same way or as much as Brooklyn. Boy was I ever wrong....

At her two week appointment she had gained all her birth weight back and was up to 8 pounds again. We just switched her from NB diapers (which fit up to 10 pounds) to size 1 so I'm guessing she is close to the 10 pounds now. She is waking up every 2.5-3 hours to eat during the night. However we have had two nights with a 6 hour stretch! She is a very quite sleeper, which is awesome. Brooklyn use to squeak and squeal like a pig so the silence is music to our ears.  She is still very, very sleepy during the day. Her head/neck strength is getting a lot stronger in the last few days. She does not like tummy time much and will last for only a few minutes. She looks like she is on the edge of doing her first roll but isn't there yet. She virtually never, ever cries. I actually sometimes yearn to hear that sweet newborn cry. She is a great self soother and will suck on her hand or fingers. She will be moving into Brooklyn's old her own big girl crib once my sister leaves next week! Brooklyn will be transitioning into a twin bed at 15 months {Lord, help us!}. We call Lydia our little broken bird because of her small cough and twisted foot. The poor little thing is always chocking when she nurses. After she gasps for air and then does this little sad cough. It always makes us nervous and scared, something we will continue to monitor. As for her foot, it was twisted outwards while in the womb. It takes several months to correct itself so we are watching that too. She really is just the sweetest girl around. She is dainty, cuddly and totally girly. 

Happy one month, baby Lydia. We love you! 

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