My mom is in town! She came to help with Lydia but since Lydia is the easiest, best baby possible her trip has turned more into playing with Brooklyn and doing fun activities. I haven't been great with the camera but we did snap a lot of shots while pumpkin picking at Spina Farms. 

This day was extra fall because of the slightly cooler weather and the fall-ish clouds that rolled in right before we started picking. Brooklyn had a blast choosing her pumpkin, going through the hay maze, playing inside the large pumpkin structure and cruising on the hay ride.

This little girl melts my heart. And my moms too.. 

^^Hunching over and looking into the sun. Winner combination.
^^At least my mom is looking. Posey-posey.

^^I may have to buy her a wheel barrel. She really likes to push them and ride inside. 
^^This is one of 80 pictures we tried to take in that chair. Sadly, this was the best.

^^My favorite big girl! 
^^Navigating through the corn maze. We were actually pretty nervous one of those bigger kids was going to stomp on Brooklyn as they jumped from hay stack to hay stack. Luckily, she escaped. 

^^Best buddies right here.

^^Choosing the perfect pumpkin. Little girl knows just what she wants.
^^I love this one!

^^Hay ride in true Halloween fashion. All of our faces look slightly warped. SpOooOky

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  1. sooo so so cute. love this! you are one pretty mama!