My three favorite step kiddos came into town to visit their new baby sister. They were all really excited to meet Lydia but even happier to see Brooklyn and all her new tricks. She has perfected saying Brielle and Drew. Sawyer is a little harder but we are working on it. This was a short trip because new mama wasn't feeling well enough to host three extra kids for a full week. We did some swimming, going out to eat, Gilroy Gardens, cousin's birthday party, hanging out and church. 

Gilroy Gardens is the greatest place for kids ages 1-11. From Brooklyn to Brielle everyone had an absolute blast. There were only a few rides Brooklyn and Drew were not tall enough for but they were awesome and peacefully waited while the others did the ride. I couldn't get too many pictures because most of the rides are set back behind trees. I am not complaining because this is the beauty of Gilroy Gardens; it is actually set inside a garden!

I love seeing all of my little ones together. Such a great trip, as always. 

^^I love all five little people in this picture. Brooklyn had just woken up, can you tell? She was dazed out just enough to hold Lydia in the perfect baby pose.

^^Rob clearly had the best time on this ride. He begged to go again! Of course mom said yes. :)

^^Our family of SEVEN. Makes me feel at home, except a little luckier with three girls and two boys. 

^^ Look at that beautiful double stroller.. Mmmm, just love it!  

^^This is what riding a carousel with two kids under a year and a half, plus keeping an eye on a six year old looks like.... little fuzzy, little blurry. 
^^I am obsessed with the relationship these two have. Such little buddies. 
^^Happy 18th Birthday to Chase! 

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