I am a little embarrassed to admit that my oldest daughter is 14 months and this is the first time we hired a professional photographer. For some reason I am very anti photographers. Growing up I think my mom brought us to JC Penny or Picture People or something. We took a lot of home pictures and movies but the professional route wasn't something that was valued. As we started decorating our house we realized we didn't have any many nice pictures. I started to think maybe it was time to change things up and get some professional ones done. 

When Brooklyn was born I really wanted to get some of those cute newborn photos in a bucket or basket however I didn't realize they needed to be taken within the first two weeks when the baby is still super sleepy. We missed the deadline so my mom and I took some make shift pictures. We lucked out becuase they actually ended up turning out really beautiful. 

This time around I wasn't changing anything and demanded we hire someone. I scheduled her in advance and thought it would be a great opportunity to take a few family and sister-sister shots as well. Rob and the girls (yes, I group all three of them together ;) ) were awesome! They let me dress them and posed like little models for all the different scenes. The shot lasted about two hours and I could not have been more impressed with their efforts. Lydia even decided to wake up for her solo shots to show off those gorgeous eyes. 

The photographer was praising my mom as her "assistant." She was hilarious jumping around with a squeaking chicken. Any picture that Brooklyn is laughing ridiculously hard is a direct result of my mom's antics. I love Brooklyn's over the top smile, its a perfect representation of her personality. Little girl use to smile on demand now she actually frowns every time I pull out my camera or phone. Because I have not captured a smiling shot in about four months I am so glad we were able to get some of her happy self. 

My mom and I had a blast buying all the outfits and props for the big shoot. I actually felt pretty fancy posing for all the different pictures. Our photographer was kind and patient with everyone. I am so happy with how these came out and cannot wait to see the full disc of pictures. This experience definitely changed my perception of hiring a professional. 

Expect to see a lot more Williams family photos! 

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