-Beckett Robert Williams-
2/18/15, 8:11PM, 9lb 3oz, 21 inch

I am writing this from the hospital so I can remember exactly how I feel. Its 11PM right now, Rob is snoring on the chair turned bed and Beckett is feeding while I type. Being at the hospital for 48 hours with my husband and new baby always is my very favorite time. We were so lucky to have my mother-in-law take Brooklyn when Lydia was born and this time we had friends come over in the evening after Nora finished working and spend the night with the girls. There is something so special about this bonding time and being stuck in this little mother-baby room, just the three of us for two days straight.

Wednesday morning I went to doctor’s office for my weekly check up where I learned I was 2.5cm dilated and effacement was starting to get very soft. My physician said it could be any day but we both were hoping for Friday, Feb 27th. My due date was 2/26 so we preemptively scheduled an induction for 2/27, hoping I would go into labor that evening, just like I did with both Brooklyn and Lydia. How amazing would it have been to have three children with the same birth date (27th)? After I left the office everything was fine and I worked until about 3PM. I started getting a lot of cramping that felt like contractions but I dismissed them. I had a contraction the evening before that was false labor so I figure this was the same. I had been doing administrative work and going kind of crazy looking at my computer all day so decided to meet my girlfriends at the park down the street at 3:30. I brought just Brooklyn and felt more contractions while we were there. It finally got to the point that I thought it was real and they seemed to be coming closer and closer. I told my friends I was going to go home and lay down and joked, we might be having a baby today. I promised Brooklyn ice cream so we stopped to pick her up some orange sherbet but I had her take it to go. Usually we sit in the little pink chairs near the fountain so we was a little upset we wouldn’t be doing that. I told her that I thought baby brother might be coming and we needed to get home quickly. I started calling and texting Rob who was still at work. I wasn’t positive we needed to go to the hospital ASAP so told him just to wrap up and come home. As soon as I got back to our house the contractions really picked up. I called Rob again, starting to panic now after I timed the contractions and found out they were 5-7 minutes apart and 1:30 long. The baby was coming and he was coming NOW. Rob finally got home at 5:45, we rushed out the door so fast he didn’t even have time to change out of his suit. We were driving high speed to the hospital I was freaking out I was going to miss the epidural. By the time we got to the hospital at 6PM I was full on crying and needed to be wheeled in on a wheel chair. They measured my cervix: the nurse said 9.5/10 cm dilated!! They asked (just like with Lydia) if I wanted to go natural and I could have the baby now but I elected the epidural. I kept saying please just bring it to me. Fortunately the anesthesiologist was available and immediately came in. As soon as the medication set in I was able to relax.

But then I started to panic: I’m not ready! This wasn’t how it went down with my last two births. They were scheduled; everything was prepared, my work obligations were for filled, child care was lined up, bags were packed, I was mentally ready to meet my new baby. I asked Rob to go to my car and get my make-up bag. Very slowly I started putting the make up on while for the doctor so I could start pushing. I needed to distract myself and be out of the moment while I collected my thoughts. I wanted to be excited but I felt so flustered and unprepared I almost had a feeling of disappointment. I also really wanted him to come on the 27th and knew none of my in-laws would be able to visit at the hospital or help with the girls because everyone was in Arizona for my nephew’s baptism on Saturday.  Rob, the world’s best birth coach told me to snap out of it. I got myself pumped up by saying “We are going to have a baby right now!” I was ready to go. The doctor came in and it was go time. The pushing, although tiring was really easy. Because I had the epidural we were all having a casual conversation in between pushes. The whole experience was really pleasant. After about 5 pushes and 25 minutes baby Beckett was born!

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