This valentine's day was our best yet! I loved buying little gifts for the girls and getting everything ready the night before. My mom always made holidays so special for us, I hope to do the same for my children. After we opened gifts we planned a family afternoon to Santa Cruz. The weather was amazing; 80 degrees in February! The beach felt like mid summer; we were in the water the entire day. After we hit the boardwalk to let the girls do some rides. I love watching them do new things, both girls have such a contagious energy. Rob and I finished the evening with more flowers and chocolates and a romantic dinner in downtown San Jose. The day really was absolutely perfect, my favorite day of 2015 (so far!). 

^^It felt like Christmas Eve: setting up the gifts. 

^^They were SO excited to receive their gifts. Brooklyn was with me when I bought her play doh and asked for it for an entire week. 

^^trying to get a sister hand holding picture before we go down to the beach 

^^Brooklyn just couldn't wait. She needed to get into the water ASAP. 
^^My horrible handwriting. I absolutely love that we spent Valentine's day at the beach. These are the times I am in love with where I live. 

^^She absolutely adores her daddy. 

^^she really wanted her picture in front of the hello kitty

^^Don't mind my half closed eyes. I love the pink dress for the day of Love! 

^^I had to take a picture of the cutest menu: I loved the way they labeled the courses. 

^^Rob took a bite but I still had to take a picture of the adorable heart. I love Valentines Day! 

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