^^this picture sums up life lately 
I'm not sure if its having three or having a newborn who will only stop crying if he's being held. Don't get me wrong I love snuggling my Beckett the problem is I can't do anything for the other two while I am. Beckett is also not sleeping in the night. He decides to wake up right around midnight and is ready to party. He is a grazer while eating. Instead of having a full meal every 2-3 hours, he wants snacks every hour. I feel like I am constantly feeding him. He also won't fall asleep unless I nurse him. So even if it isn't time for a meal he wants a quick sip before he closes his eyes.
Brooklyn has decided instead of waking up at 8AM like she has for the last 2+ years of her life, 6AM is a better time. She also has been acting out. This morning I heard her in the bathroom and found her standing on the sink in the medicine cabinet (at 6AM). Yesterday morning she woke up, put her sunglasses and sandals on and went outside. Not OK. She has been fake crying, even fake stuttering for attention! Her fake cry is the most awful thing I have ever heard and she sticks her tongue out, the whole thing is ridiculous. She has been talking back and not listening to Rob or me. She told me "mom, let me listen to frozen right now or I will pull your hair." I was shocked. This is not our sweet Brooklyn lately.
Lydia has been really good. She points to Beckett and screams "baby! baby! baby!" over and over. She also likes to point to his eye and feet and announce both. I always tell her she cannot touch him and she listens well. She likes to look at him and tries to crawl up his bassinet, which always wakes him, then he cries, then he needs to be held.  
Another problem, I am pretty sure three car seats do not fit in the back of my car thus we are home bound day and night. Fortunately I am getting a new company car with seven seats (!!) but it won't arrive until next month. This whole experience was hard from the beginning. With the other births we had help lined up but Beckett came 8 days early so everything is pushed back. My mom won't be here for another week and Rob's mom was out of town when he was born. Its only been a week but I am just so sleep deprived I feel like I won't ever catch my stride being a mom of three.
As difficult as right now is I recognize I am so blessed to call these three mine. I want to cherish every moment with them because time is moving so, so quickly. I have had so many people say enjoy them while they are young, you blink and they are going off to college.

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