Nora's last day was May 4th.

Nora first moved in with us when Brooklyn was just six weeks old! She has become part of our family over the last almost three years. During my pregnancy with Beckett she expressed caring for three children was going to be too much. Although we felt sad, we understood. Caring for three children is really difficult for anyone (including me)! I loved having Nora live with us so she could help me in the evening after work; make dinner, clean the house, get the girls to bed. It was hard to juggle motherhood, household duties and a full time job after she moved out. 
I was so much sadder the day we said goodbye than I thought I would be. I actually cried! Having Nora leave felt like we were ending a huge chapter in our life. I had all these emotions thinking about the first time I met her in Arizona when I was working with Beacon, traveling the west coast, pregnant with Brooklyn. I thought about when we drove all the way up to Pittsburgh to pick her up from her aunt's house to come live with us. It made me think about all the lists I made her and all the pictures she sent me of Brooklyn as a baby. Really I was most sad because I feel like Brooklyn is almost a little kid now, not my little baby anymore. I also loved the feeling of being a newlywed and loved doting on just one baby, I loved being a new mom, I loved buying our first house and then renovating it. Nora was there through all of it so her leaving just feels like that whole chapter is ending. I am terrible with change, it always makes me sad. Now I am rambling. We do love Nora and we hope the very best for her future!

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