Our Brooklyn girl is three!!! Happy birthday to the sweetest of all sweet little toddlers. 

^^the big party! monday morning (this seemed better in person, ha!)
^^she was so cute coming out… she was super shy!

^^the little brown gifts are from lydia and beckett  
^^a quick outfit change and she was officially a three year old princess! 

^^poor rob crawled out of bed to celebrate. he was SO sick- sinus infect and double ear infection 
^^she got a chocolate sprinkle donut AND a special apple juice
^^my #1 girl! 
^^a rupenzel doll from candela
^^after work i brought her for a special date to clay painting. she choose the tiniest cupcake to paint
^^then to choose some candy. it was a good day for brooklyn!

To my sweetest Brooklyn,
Tomorrow morning when you wake up you will be three years old. You may not have noticed but today I kept staring at you because I wanted to always remember what you looked like as a two year old. After you went to sleep I snuck in your room just to sit on your bed and tell you how much I love you. You could never know how much I love you. Having you was the greatest thing to ever happen in my life. You changed everything for me and daddy. You made our family complete. I cherish the fourteen months we spent together, just you as an only child. I'm looking back at pictures and thinking how happy you have made us over these past three years. Everything you did was new and so amazing to me. You'll always be my little dolly and I will never forget the six months you called yourself Newman even though you could say Brooklyn.
You told me all you want for your birthday is a cake and balloons and to "blow down the candles." The things you say lately that melt my heart; "mom, whats that?" referring to some kind of candy, even though you know exactly what it is. And if I am eating that candy you say, "mom, whats in your mouth" all inquisitive. You put your blanket around your head and say, "I'm married!" Then you tell me you will get married in the temple one day. "Mommy, you almost lost your little Brooklyn!" Anytime I walk too fast. You are really the smartest little girl I have ever seen. Your vocabulary is out of this world. Daddy loves most when you play with your dollies and talk for all of them. And when we ask you a question, "Brooklyn do you know what that is (pointing to something)" and you say, "uh-huh" then we say "what is it" and you say, "I don't know" (in a tone like you have truly just have no idea). Some of your favorite things to do are, in your words "run in the grass" outside our house, go to Happy Hallow, watch Dora the Explorer and Dora "team". You become possessed by the iPad and TV. You are frightened of the "scary purple face" that comes on when the timer is up on youtube kids. You are still obsessed with your bin key and love your pink blanket. You rub the corner of the satin on the funniest places; your arm, hand, face, foot (!). You have been really into helping me bake lately, but I think mostly because I let you lick the spoon and eat the dough.
You go to bed basically on your own, you are unbelievably well mannered, empathetic and kind hearted. You love to help Lydia and teach her things. You thrive on pleasing mommy and daddy, following directions and completing tasks. You have just started pooping in the potty (yay!), you never had a terrible two phase other than for a few weeks after Beckett was born you turned into a winey brat. You are pretty much our dream child in every way possible. You are so easy! We are so so lucky and so very blessed to call you ours. I honestly think: what did I do to deserve a little girl as perfect as you? We love you to the moon and back, and beyond.
Love, mommy and daddy

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  1. Cute!! Can't believe she's 3. Love the Newman memory haha!! Xo