Below are two funny motherhood stories I hope you will enjoy.

It all started a few weeks ago before I left for the gym on a Saturday morning. I woke Brooklyn up around 7:15, nursed her then felt her diaper seemed full. I was lazy and decided not to change it because I wanted to put her right back to sleep. A diaper change usually means she stays awake and since we were going to ask our nanny to look after her I wanted her to be asleep for just one more hour. I carefully laid her back in bed and proceeded to get myself ready. I decided to look in on her just before I walked out the door and saw her sitting up with a big smile. I then saw all these stains on her sheets, I thought she had gotten sick in her bed, like really sick. I rushed in and on closer inspection realized the stains were originating from her sleeping sack. When I looked closer I realized after I had nursed her she had a "blow out" but since her diaper was already full it actually blew OFF!? I pulled her out of the crib and rushed her to the tub. When I unzipped her sleeping sack the diaper was at the bottom of her sleep sacker legs were essentially swimming in baby poo. The stains I saw had been her crawling around the crib, like a slug, leaving a wet stinky trail. At a moment like this when the one gym class you got to per week is currently starting and you just want to cry, all there is to do is laugh. And after you finishing laughing, learn.

Fast forward to Friday night. After this whole scene I decided anytime I nursed her late at night I would change her diaper, for preventative measures. After a long work week I was exhausted but proud I changed the diaper and went to bed feeling good. The next morning I woke up and got her to play. All of a sudden I look down and scream to Rob, It Happened AGAIN! No stains this time but I see a massive diaper bulge in the leg of her pajamas. Her diaper was obviously off, I could only imagine what was inside those pajamas. I shuttered as I unzipped her but to my surprise saw a diaper completely in tact??? I then continued to unzip and saw a second, dirty diaper in her pant leg.......
I had been so tired after I changed her diaper I left it on the changing table and zipped it right up in her pajamas. We had a really good laugh and remembered why we love being parents so very much.

^^the buldge i saw in her leg 
^^oh, just a second dirty diaper in her pajamas 

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