Last Friday we took Brooklyn to her first ever Warriors game! For all those who live outside of CA the Golden State Warriors are the local NBA team, like the Celtics or Lakers. I remember when Rob and I were dating one of my roommates knew he was a big basketball fan and offered us really good seats. I thought it was a farm league or something so I declined, sorry babe!

Brooklyn was really good, sitting on my lap and kind of watching the most of the game. She was very impressed with the different light displays and sounds. She really liked when they shut off the lights and turned the disco ball on before the players came out. We went with two friends from Rob's work so we were able to pass B around when she started moving too much. All was great until the last quarter when they passed out the clappers. We were sitting behind the opponents net and everyone clapped whenever the other team went for a shot. This frightened Brooklyn more than I have ever seen. Unfortunately we had to remove her from the section and split the fourth quarter walking around up top. The night was a success overall and further confirms we have the easiest baby in the world.

^^all snazzy for her big night out

^^ i had to include all the above pictures because they were making THE SAME FACE in every one.

^^ before the clapping got going 

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