This is the saddest week for me since my little girl has been born. 
Rob has a work conference in San Diego this Thursday to Sunday. I will be working in the area on Thursday and Friday during the day and be able to join him for the nighttime activities. We made the decision a few months ago that we would leave her with my in laws. At the time is seemed really nice to be able to have some mom and dad alone time while staying in a fancy hotel and dining five star (Rob's work does pretty a intense conference). 

As this weekend approaches four days is starting to seem longer and longer. Our flight leaves at 6AM Thursday and her grandparents live over an hour away so we will be bringing her up tonight. I feel so anxious to leave her!! When I do my overnight travels for work I feel like she misses me and gets depressed. I know she is going to be making the above little sad face the.entire.time. I feel confident she will be in good hands I just hope I can hold it together when we leave her tonight!  

Has anyone left their little one and felt really sad?

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  1. oh, so sad...but it will be good for you two to get away and have a fun fancy weekend! we'll miss you! xoxo