The city of San Diego is a favorite for so many people. I have been there about fifteen different times between personal and weekend work trips but never loved it. The things that come to mind when I think San Diego are the dirty streets, the overwhelming amount of homeless people, the crazy drunks at night, the below warm, unpredictable weather and lack of beach near downtown area. 

My perception changed last weekend while Rob and I were down there for a work/work rewards trip from Thursday to Sunday. Rob had meetings Thursday and Friday while I worked in LA and attended the W&R sponsored events at night. The weekend was ours for a much needed mom and dad only trip full of relaxation and fun (Brooklyn stayed with my in-laws in CA). We did the usual 5th Ave, Gaslamp Quarter, eating at several awesome restaurants, shopping, seeing a movie, going to a karaoke event, walking around exploring little shops, getting ice cream, etc. On the last day of our trip we decided to rent GoCars and get a guided tour of the city. This opened my eyes to the expansive history and a lot of different areas I hand't been to; little Italy, Petco Park, beach front area and Balboa Park.

^^ i still get so so happy every time i see my "new" last name in print
^^cute husband leaving for his day of meetings, all Waddell & Reed'ed out 

^^A silver lining to my 4 hour drive from LA to SD on friday afternoon... 

Hello, Easter 


^^creepy dark theater shot

^^melting pot, this one in san diego is our favorite!

^^ i forgot work pants,  so did rob. we are organized. 

^^at the start of our GoCar adventure

^^ kissing WHILE driving!

^^such a fun trip in san diego! we will be back!! 

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