My sweet baby girl turned nine months on Friday. I can’t emphasize enough the truth of the phrase “say you blink and they are full grown”. The end of each month (her birthday is July 27th) is bittersweet and I can’t help but feel sad that the time is passing too quickly. I am so happy I now work part time and get to spend more days home with her than I do working each week.

Some things that have happened over this past month include two new little teeth, an extended vocabulary of sounds, her perfection of calling me “mom”, many new foods introduced like cheeses and seeds, a desire to feed herself with the spoon, improved creeping- moving from object to object almost in a walk, standing for just a second, her clinginess for mom and only mom, spitting when she is done eating (something that drives me crazy!), enough hair that she can wear barrettes again and almost growing out of stage 2 diapers. 

Brooklyn gets more and more fun each day. I love to see her feisty little personality starting to bloom. She likes to be the center of attention and constantly moving and part of the action. She looks just like her dad but I think her personality is all me. We are loving every second of watching her grow and develop. 

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  1. We love Brooklyn and you guys! She's getting so old! Xoxoxo