Today was the funnest -non-work, I'm a part time mama- day with Brooklyn. I started part time last week on April 1st. My new routine will be working three days a week with two days off. I talked a lot about work in my past posts and struggles with the long hours and time away from home. Right now I have the best of both worlds: time home with my baby and a career I love. At first I felt nervous I would be bored or feel like I should be working. Oh so not the case! I couldn't love being home and spending time with Brooklyn any more.

Today we walked to the library and played there for an hour; reading books and playing games. Then we stopped for lunch on the walk home. Brooklyn took a nap while I ran errands then we met up with friends for a pool party and frozen yogurt. I dropped my cutie home and finished the day getting my nails done. With days like this, who would ever want to go back to work?

^^ i closed my eyes and she became a toddler

^^my little ham

^^ disney world nails! (we leave saturday!!) 

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