We could not have had more fun (or done more) during our week long vacation to Disney World. My parents, the seasoned Disney veterans came up with a genius plan last time they were there: water parks during the day theme parks at night. 90 degree weather, blistering sun, long, long lines and a huge group of people has been a disaster in years past. This time we got a four day Disney World water/theme park pass, took one day at the hotel pool/outlet shopping/nice dinner and hit Universal on the final day. The week was perfect.

Rob, Brooklyn and myself boarded a plane bound for Denver Saturday morning, picked up Brielle, Sawyer and Drew and then flew together to Orlando. There we met my whole family: Mom, dad, Lisa, Jack, Michael and Matthew. With twelve people and two mini vans at moments I kind of felt like we were on the Griswold's family vacation to Walley World. We were able to go to both water parks- Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon and three of the four Disney parks; Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and finally Universal Studios.  

I am so thankful to my amazing parents for putting together AND paying for this family vacation. Their generosity is overwhelming sometimes. I am still having withdrawals from Disney and my family. I will be back in Orlando next month for a work trip and I am already trying to figure out a way I can sneak in a trip to the park!

^^ plane ride to orlando
^^ all the kids! 
^^ first day at typhoon lagoon

^^all dolled up as minnie mouse for her first night in disney

^^ rocking our ears at magic kingdom

^^after our first full day of craziness, we still love each other
^^dole pineapple whip. one of the best creations of all time
^^fireworks at magic kingdom. someone was a little scared
^^blizzard beach. the winter themed water park

^^michael scaling the ice

^^my little girl is getting chunky!

^^hollywood studios. home of the tower of terror

^^i love these twins
^^ please notice the creep stash he decided to grow. not funny, at all
^^best parents (and grandparents!) in the world

^^ remember being 10 and getting a lunch-able, oh the good days

^^from the ride inside the big golf ball

^^ my little model <3

^^ the infamous typhoon lagoon ice cream bucket

^^ the wave pool. hours of fun

^^ we had way too much fun with the hats in mexico at epcot 
^^ norway..  
^^ morroco..
^^ soarin, the coolest ride at epcot 
^^causing trouble at the hotel
^^ last day at universal. they didn't make the height requirement :(

^^the last night at dinner 


  1. Cutest family and most fun trip! I love all these pics- what a week!! I agree you need to sneak back in on your work trip haha. I died over Brooklyn as Minnie Mouse! Also love Rob's stache hahaha. Your parents and whole fam are so cute..loved every picture! Xo