We had such a fun and festive Easter weekend! Originally we were going to Arizona to spend the weekend with Rob's family but it didn't work out with our schedules. I felt a little sad that we would be spending Easter without either of our families but realized this was a great opportunity for me to finally cook the ham!

We started off the weekend with the funnest neighborhood Easter egg hunt. I love all the kids activities our neighborhood does and how close everyone is, oh and the 20 kids under the age of five that live here. The kids got to hunt for eggs while the adults ate a buffet of food and talked. I met several awesome woman with young babies. Very excited for walk across the street play dates!
Saturday evening we got together with friends to decorate Easter eggs. On Sunday we woke up early to start preparing the dinner then dressed Brooklyn like a little doll and went to church. Rob gave a great talk on Christ's resurrection (the true reason we celebrate Easter), and looked very handsome doing so :) We continued cooking after church and had friends over to celebrate. I kind of turned into Martha Stuart for just a moment preparing a butter lettuce, asparagus, mandarin salad with poppy seed dressing, a tangerine glazed honey ham and a banana and raspberry cake with lemon frosting. My kitchen saw more wear this weekend that it has since we moved in. We ended the night hanging out as a family snuggling on the couch. It was a perfect weekend.

^^ helping b capture the eggs

^^ just found out from our neighbors my hair is always a mess because of the hard water.. we will be hooking up the water softener ASAP

^^ easter church dress!
^^handsome husband speaking on the resurection 

^^possibly the fanciest thing i have ever prepared :)

^^backyard photo session 
^^ so in love with this little girl

^^our cute friends, the Rigbys joined us for dinner


  1. you are SUCH a martha stewart! that meal was amazing thanks to you!
    we loved having easter together and are so lucky to have you guys as bffs out here in cali. love you! xo