There is a little place in San Jose called Happy Hallow, and very happy it is! For $30 you can purchase a YEAR long pass to visit the zoo, rides, splash pad, petting zoo and play ground. Its actually an insanely awesome deal and the kids totally love it. It helps too that every one of our friends has a pass so we get all the girls together and try to go once a week. Brooklyn loves all the rides and looking at the animals. I watch the capybara trot around and imagine one in my backyard. Maybe Rob will let me get one some day! Coming to the zoo is surprisingly relaxing and really enjoyable. I'm not sure who likes it more- me or Brooklyn. Win, win for both of us :) 

^^brooklyn with the capybara in the distance

^^pretty sure these two are destine to be best friends!

^^she likes to look but not touch

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