Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! I especially wanted to honor mine and my husband! It is so much fun seeing Rob with Brooklyn and all the tender moments they have together. One of the things I love best is he will go into her room after I put her down for the night and talk to her a little bit before she goes to sleep. He also rushes to her crib to get her out of bed in the morning because he likes her to see his face first. He is so involved and I think a little jealous she says mama a lot more than dada. The older kids- Brielle, Sawyer and Drew admire and love more fiercely. I have never seen kids get so excited to see their dad or want those special moments with him. I love to watch him interact with those three and imagine the beautiful relationship he will continue with our children when they grow older. This amazing man is balancing being a dad of four and almost five so well. I love you Rob and even more now that your a dad! 

^^one of my favorite pictures of these two

^^preparing for brooklyn's arrival- baby CPR class

^^dealing with screaming children
^^helping out when mom has had enough
^^always helping and teaching
^^entertaining us with his musical abilities

^^working it as a dad of four 
^^ & almost a dad of FIVE! 

Last but not least a picture of me and my dad! Some of the best things he taught me is sports, finances, business and a desire to succeed. Happy Father's day to the best dad in the world, I'm really lucky to have you! 

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