Rob and I have been married two years! 
It literally feels like yesterday we were planning all the final details to that magical day. I couldn't believe how quickly that night went by. These last two years have flown too. I wish I could freeze time, almost daily. This is hands down the happiest time of my life. I am so, so blessed for all I have. 
Two years ago when we were planning the wedding I really wanted to get married on Valentine's day. I thought it would be just the most romantic thing possible. February 14th ended up being on a Tuesday and basically my mom said no. We settled for the Saturday before, February 11th. I remember feeling pretty disappointed but now I love it-- we get a whole week to celebrate! The two most romantic days of the year in one week. Lucky us! 

We ate dinner at the delicious Nick's Next Door in Los Gatos on our anniversary, went to an Imagine Dragon concert and did our annual terribly awesome love flick on Valentines day. This year it was Labor Day and although the previews looked promising it ended up being just as bad as every other year. The week was perfect. 

^^Nick's has this cute tradition that you write a love note in this book that they serve the bill with. Rob is hiding his naughty sign off! If you go there look for our names! 

^^Imagine Dragon concert

And then we exchanged gifts. This year was the best!! I got Rob sky diving tickets. Both our mothers almost had a heart attack when we told them. Truthfully I am beyond frightened. I am actually really afraid of heights. Rob has wanted to go for so long I had to finally give in. He gave me the most thoughtful below gifts-->
^^I am really into monogrammed things and told Rob I wanted earring like I saw on Kim Kardashian (yes, I'm a loser) and he picked these! I love them and get to rock my man's initials every day!
^^And the biggest gift of all! My ring with the new setting! It was turned into kind of a disaster after I tried to get it soldered and they decided to combine the metal of the two rings and made it look completely different and ugly. I am so, so happy it looks {almost} exactly like my original ring! 

^^And just because I'm feeling nostalgic. The summer before we got married! -- seems so long ago!

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