Last weekend we were feeling touristy so we got a hotel in San Francisco for the night. 
Even though we are only 45 minutes from the city we rarely go up, just because
We started the morning at the farmers market in the Ferry building, played in some parks, walked the Embarcadero, and explored Pier 39 all afternoon. I had a freak back attack which kind of ended the fun towards the evening. Instead of hitting the night like we planned we got chinese food delivered, watched TV and were in bed by 9PM.  
We had a grand plan to get brunch and bring it to Dolores Park, until we woke up. It was down pouring and cold. Instead we ate at Dolores Cafe and enjoyed views of the park from instead. We finished the weekend at the legendary and completely underwhelming Bi-Rite Creamery. 

^^ ferry building.. such a cute spot

^^ matching jean romper and sun hat. dressing these girls is one of the best parts of my life
^^ my little musician tipping the band

^^ this family of mine,… just makes me smile every time i see us togther

^^ i spy Alcatraz on my left  

^^ there wasn't a happier face in san francisco at this moment 

^^ i can't believe we order her a kids meal

^^Bi-Rite Creamery… 
^^ so excited, sadly suchhh a disappointment.  
^^ of course, brooklyn liked it 

^^ and my favorite picture of the weekend ...love him, so much...  

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