I had to document Brooklyn's little purple doggie and pink blanket obsession. 
Brooklyn received the cute pink blanket as a tiny baby from her Grammy Williams. It is so warm and cozy we started putting her to sleep with it and soon it was the only thing she wanted. She wraps the stain in her fingers and rubs it on her nose and mouth. She also likes to drape it on her shoulders like a cape and walk around with it. Its just a pacifier, as soon as she lays down with it she is instantly ready to go to sleep. 

^^Newborn baby Brooklyn with her fresh cozy blanket 
^^The cape. 
^^caught the nose rub in action

The purple talking doggie was a first birthday gift from an unknown giver. 
There was no name on the box and for the longest time I couldn't figure out who gave it to us. Just last week when we were in Florida my mom said she thinks it was from her. We will give her the credit unless anyone else comes forward to claim it. 
Anyways, Rob programmed it to sing a bunch of songs, say Brooklyn's name and talk about all her favorite foods. She has learned a lot of words and to sing Happy Birthday from listening to this dog every night before bed. She knows to pinch each of the different paws to get a different activity. 

I'm pretty sure these two things will be with us for years to come. In case they aren't I want her to always remember just how much she loved her pink blanket and purple doggie. 

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