I have to admit I haven't loved our trips to Denver the last few times because of how crazy they have been. It feels like we try to pack a whole month of activities into just one weekend.
Now with five kids things like that are becoming increasingly more difficult. 

Rob and I have talked about buying an apartment or condo so things could be more "normal" less vacation-ish when we visit but it really doesn't make economic sense. And we definitely couldn't afford the indoor pool we get at the hotel. 
For now the Courtyard Marriott will just need to be our second home. 

This trip we really just chilled and had a "normal" weekend. 
Saturday we went to Sawyer's baseball practice, hung out at the hotel, did some swimming then ventured out for dinner and ice cream.
Sunday was more of the same except church and a park instead of baseball. 

My step kids are getting older and behaving better and better each time we are together. Especially Brielle, she is blossoming into such a beautiful young woman and is a great example for Brooklyn. I love how much little B looks up to her older sister. She chants her name every single day while pointing to the many pictures around our house. 
It's pretty darling. 

Please notice Rob in the background of every single one of these pictures. 
This guy has had so much going on with work lately, (and our week of love last week, blog post coming later) he really needed a relaxing weekend. 
We chilled h.a.r.d in Denver. 


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