I really am unbelievably lucky to have the group of friends I have. I can't believe I have known almost all of these girls since 5th grade (and one since kindergarden!). It makes me feel old to say we have been best friends for fifteen years but also feels amazing. So many good times and memories with these ladies I am lucky enough to call my best friends. 
We went to Newport, Rhode Island to celebrate our bachelorette Sarah. Surprisingly I had never been before. Probably because I was always down the Cape and its really similar. What a super cute beach town. Like most visits to Boston this one made me really, really, really miss everyone here.

^^future mrs colella, our bachelorette sarah!

^^lobstahhhh sandwich. a new england must 

^^pedi cab travel is the best way to move around newport 

^^and meghann sleeping during the live music at the end of the night, of course  
^^love these roommates 

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