I feel like a broken record saying time flies! time flies! but it is oh so true. I just can't believe my little baby is already six months. No one else can believe it either; she is so small and petite. I keep waiting for her to get some new tricks but she is content with just being a rolley worm. She rolls front to back, back to front with vengeance. I will look away for one minute and she will have rolled all the way to a different section of the room. Usually her journey stops stuck under the crib or coffee table. Its pretty funny.
One of my very favorite things is her infectious smile. I always yell "Lydia" in a sing-song way across the room and she just lights up. She is super smiley on her own and especially when someone looks at her with a smile. She likes to lock eyes with everyone, even strangers. She laughs all the time. The best way is tickling her belly or blowing kisses on her cheeks, neck and chest.
I looked back to a post of Brooklyn at six months and saw her crawling, sitting and even standing (supported) for a few seconds. Its hard not to compare your two girls that are just 14 months apart. I am really OK with Lydia's development. I saw some other children progress slower and are totally at the same level as Brooklyn now so I'm going to be happy that I only have one mobile child at the moment.
Lydia's sleeping is still awful. We have moved her to formula to try to give her a full tummy all day and promote sleeping. Either its harder with two or I am becoming a worse mother but I just cannot for my life sleep train her. I have been tired for six months and just can't get it together to listen to her cry all night, any night. I need my sleep, even the little fragmented hours I get. This very morning Lydia fell out of my bed, again. That makes two times. I only let her sleep in here when Rob is out of town. Its easier than getting out of bed and going into her room when she cries. Recently I have done a double swaddle on her and she has upgraded to sleep in the twin bed (that was suppose to be for Brooklyn). I refuse to purchase two cribs, however her bassinet seems to really be cramping her now at six months. She still naps in the bassinet because without the movement prevention double swaddle she would roll out of the twin too.  
This little girl needs lots of attention! She has the most high pitched shrill if you are not entertaining her. She loves one on one time holding, talking, singing. The second she is put down she will start this fake, high cry. When we are out or walking she is OK hanging in the car seat looking around. Its really in the house, she knows once she is put in the bumbo seat or baby swing or under her play mat mommy is going to walk away. I think she was meant to be an only child. Too bad she is the youngest of five! She needs to be part of the action all the time. 

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