So much has changed since Easter 2013; we didn't have Lydia yet and Brooklyn was just a tiny baby. This year, Brooklyn was a pro during the neighborhood easter egg hunt. All day she said "easter hunt, easter hunt"! She just thought it was the coolest thing. After we headed to the Campbell parade and finished the evening at the park. It was a very good day for the girls. Sunday we went to church to celebrate Jesus (the real reason for easter!) then went to Danville to enjoy Shannon's delicious cooking. It was a great Easter here. My heart was full of joy and love for my family. Holidays always make me feel grateful for all we have. 

^^our little ham!

^^trying on her easter dress the day before  
^^all our cute little neighborhood kids.

^^lydia got in to the hunt too! 

^^she couldn't even take her eyes off the eggs for a picture with mom 
^^twin easter lamb outfits
^^ A quick outfit change and off to the easter parade in campbell! 

^^this family of mine <3
^^rob's favorite part of the parade...
^^playing with the easter egg loot

^^have you ever seen a happier child?! 
^^i really love this outfit and want to wear it
^^easter morning! basket time. of course, a hello kitty one for brooklyn
^^lydia got rice cereal and sweet potato pouches in the used egg hunt basket.poor child! 
^^after church. all the williams girls in orange/peach. {after looking at pictures from last year i realized i wore the same dress! obviously i think its very easter-y}

^^her first time on the trampoline at aunt shannon's house!

^^kisses from papa! 

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  1. miss last easter with you guys! let's make plans sooooon! xo