The weekend before we left for Cabo I came home to a sick Lydia. She started having these scary episodes of looking like she was going to vomit, losing her breathe, turning a shade of blue and then borderline passing out right before spitting out a mouth full of neon yellow stomach bile. It was one of the weirdest and scariest things I had ever seen. After the third time she did it I called the after hours nurse who urged me to immediately drive Lydia to the ER. 
The last time we sped to Good Samaritan hospital was to deliver Lydia, just five months earlier. I put my sick little girl in the front seat and kept praying; don't get in a car accident, make it to the hospital without passing out again, please be OK. 
The ER staff was really great and pushed us to the head of the line. We were still there for five hours but everyone was extra nice (and concerned) because Lydia is so little. 
After multiple rounds of testing, ultrasounds and blood work everything came back normal. None of the doctors were really sure what was going on. After five hours and everything being fine I felt a little silly that I even went in. 
The worst part of the whole night: Rob was on a flight coming back from a work trip in Nashville. I was sending him pictures and updates all night…. 

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