I had a work meeting in Atlanta the Thursday before my girlfriend Sarah's bachelorette party in Boston.  The obvious decision would be to fly my 20 month old across the country, have a sitter come to the hotel, then fly up to Boston. All so she could spend the weekend with her grandparents and aunt and uncles. She was quite the big girl navigating around the airport and sitting in her own seat. I hate traveling for work now but its really fun when I have my little sick kick with me. After my work meeting finished we went to a park in Atlanta before our flight. It was weird, it almost felt like a normal day. I loved seeing my family and all my best friends. 

^^trying to hit the slots at our lay over in las vegas 
^^my cutest roommate in atlanta 

^^on the way to boston. third flight in two days, little girl was tired 

^^the best uncles, ever!
^^easter baskets with her grammy
^^my dad finally realized the key to brooklyn's heart: food. she was all his for the rest of the weekend

^^and then jack tried to shoot my mom because he was so sad i was leaving

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