The day before Easter is always one of my favorites! Since we moved to Palm Haven we have participated  in the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Its such a great chance to connect with our neighbors and meet new people. This year was really sad because we came out only a few minutes late and almost all the eggs had been found. Some sweet neighbors gave the girls a few eggs but it wasn't the same as finding them. Fortunately I was the one most upset about it. The girls just wanted to eat the candy out of the eggs and the donuts off the snack table. Lisa stayed in the house with Beckett so we could enjoy the hunt with just the girls. After the hunt was over we headed over to Campbell to watch the Easter parade. Lisa and I are huge, huge parade fans. It was so fun having her with our family this year!

^^i love how sweet they are together 
^^our neighborhood is so fun- great easter display 

^^my little bunny lydia 

^^our attempt at family pictures lately-- beckett is sleeping in his stroller
^^sista sista

^^i love this guy and how he pretends to like parades for me 

^^my little ducklings following along 

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