I am so, so lucky to have a best friend that is also my sister. Lisa is easily my favorite person on this earth. She's also a really amazing aunt and uses all her vacation time to come visit us. I'm working on her to hurry up and have kids so she can just stay home and visit all the time. {hint hint lisa!} Until then I think Lisa and Jon need to move to the Bay Area because both of their companies are based here. If that's not a sign I don't know what is! Anyways, this was such a fun week filled with getting outdoors, the beach, and most importantly planning her wedding! Lisa was so amazing helping with the girls and cleaning my house all week. I am still having serious withdrawals two weeks later. Come back already! 

^^santana row easter event- decorating cookies 
^^cheering our starbucks to the palm trees, sun and sisters!
^^basketball hand.. whattttt
^^a young lisa/tara

^^lisa and her mini me

^^we met carrie & amber at the beach one day.. so funny trying to round up the kids for a picture

^^a little marianne's- always a must after the beach

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