On March 16th my poor, sweet {accident prone} Lydia toppled out of the bottom part of the double stroller in maybe the only time I didn't buckle her in. We were going for a short walk before dinner in our neighborhood. She never wants to sit in the stroller and especially never buckle in. I intended to have her walk to get some exercise and get a little tired before dinner. She said she wanted to sit in the stroller and just plopped down. She looked so tired I didn't think I needed to buckle her in. Beckett's carseat sits in the top part of the stroller so I could not see Lydia in the bottom. I basically started to run her over when I saw her face up laying on the ground. She was crying more dramatically than usual. When I picked her up, there was blood all over the back of her head. I immediately called Rob from work; time to go to emergency care. We waited for two hours, got two tiny staples and headed home with the craziest head bandage I have ever seen. My sister asked me if they shaved her head! Her hair is all in tact and she was happy as could be the next day. I'm hoping this is the only accident trip to emergency care we make for a long time. 

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