One of my very favorite parts of being a mom is holidays. Seeing my girl's faces light up when they walk out to their gifts its just the best feeling. They are at such fun ages that anything we buy they just love! Rob and I are making an effort to not spoil them so we have kept gifts small and simple (and really inexpensive as long as we can). 
I thought I would decorate a little more but its actually a lot of work. I am happy if I can just get a few things from the dollar store and tape them to the wall. 
This Easter was a little different than years past. I am still getting up most of the night with Beckett. My sister's flight left at 8AM out of San Francisco so I was up super early to drive her. It was general conference weekend so we didn't have church. I basically slept all day while Rob cooked a ham dinner for us. I really like having traditions at every holiday although having Easter up in the air is kind of fun. It gives us the opportunity to spend the day with family or friends or just our family. 

^^the easter basket scene 

^^trying to get a picture of them both with their ears. 
^^the biggest hit was the elsa and anna pez dispensers my mom left for their baskets

^^more play doh-- brooklyn's latest obession
^^after dinner rody ride to end easter day 

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