Brielle got a lead in her school play! Even with a 7 week old Rob and I could not miss her very first performance so we flew out for the night. Beckett did so well on his first flight. He slept pretty much the entire time including while we were in Denver. He has become a really, really good baby. 
We brought Beckett so the kids could meet their baby brother for the first time. It was adorable to see how excited they were to see and hold him. We got to Denver in time to hang out with the kids before the play, get some froyo and watch Sawyer play his piano routine that he was preforming that night at his recital. Drew, bless his heart came with us to the school play, second night in a row. I loved that he told us before Brielle was going to come out, every time. Brielle totally nailed it! She looked like a natural on stage and her voice was amazing! I think this is going to be the first of many plays to come for her. 

^^rob and his favorite mini-me, drew 

^^that yawn.. it gets me every time 
^^brielle's character pretended to be an old woman but was actually a thief 

^^4 of our 6 kids. missing the girls in this picture

^^chilling in his chair seat through the airport 

^^beckett and i so, so tired on the flight home
^^brooklyn missed beckett so much she about tackled us when we walked through the door 

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