In addition to our road trip we took two day trips; one to San Francisco and Muir Woods and another to Yosemite….                                                                                      

First stop was lunch and hanging out at Crissy Field. The views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz are just breathtaking. I loved bringing my mom here because she had never seen the bridge from this angle or driven over it!

^^this view never, ever gets old

^^she looks like SUCH a big girl here!

Next we went through Muir Woods. It is beautiful and peaceful and amazing. The trees are so giant and ancient. Lydia fell asleep right before we got there so we laid her down in the stroller and went. Lydia really hates being trapped in and watching Brooklyn run around. Its always a fight to strap (and keep) her in. I had two sleeping babies and Brooklyn got lots of attention so it was a good trip. 

^^then she woke up...

^^she's the ray of sunshine in my life 

On my mom's last full day here we ventured out to Yosemite. Another bucket list for me! A few months ago I talked about having a panic that I might move {one day} and miss doing some Bay Area things. Yosemite was top of that list. It is actually a pretty incredible place. The pictures definitely do not do it justice. The waterfalls everywhere are beyond impressive and like nothing I had ever seen. We spent a lot of time at Bridalveil fall. My mom held Lydia while Brooklyn and I hiked up the rocks and touched the freezing (!!) waterfall water. Tunnel view reminded me of being at the Grand Canyon, it was so beautiful and expansive I almost could not comprehend it. I wish we had stayed over night and done some real hikes. Maybe when the kids are a little older :) 

^^bridalveil fall you can't see in the background

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