Right before we were married Rob asked me some of the things I was looking forward to the most after we tied the knot. I answered the obvious; living together, waking up next to him every morning, building a home together, raising a family together, blending our traditions, creating new ones, etc, etc. There was one answer that deviated a little and is kind of hilarious. Before I tell you what it is let me back up to how I got there..

1. Remember the movie the Break Up? Remember the scene when they are very on edge with each other and a game of pictionary turns into a screaming match? Rob and I love that movie and dyed during that scene.
2. The bulk of our dating happened when I lived in LA and Rob lived in the Bay Area. We were doing long distance, seeing each other just on the weekends. Because we didn't live in the same place Rob had his Nor Cal friends and I had my LA friends but we didn't have a lot of mutual friends, especially other couples.

So my answer... to have really good friend couples that we can play pictionary with! Rob looked at me a little stunned, smiled and then said yeah, me too. To my delight we have AMAZING friend couples and they are even (barely) willing to play pictionary with us. This amazingly fun night was a few weeks back. We played boys vs. girls and it got pretty heated. A bet was placed for the losing party to prepare dinner for the winning group. Sorry to say the gentlemen won. Next time ladies!! 

^^Our three favorite friend couples: Rigbys, McGanns and Jacobs (no one sitting with spouses)

^^I love this man and even more that he rarely makes that face :)

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  1. OMG ridiculous!!! Rob looks SO fierce drawing his picture!! HAHA