My little girl was so cute this weekend eating bananas and rice cereal for the first time. I was surprised at how good she did. She knew how to open her mouth, process the food and then swallow. She even reached for the spoon and would open wider as I put the food closer. She was very intense and would get angry when I held the spoon away for too long. 

We used this cool baby food maker my mom bought us. You put the banana in the cylinder portion and then turn the wheel to puree the food. We think it makes sense that making your own baby food would be healthier than something in a can. Obviously there will be times that we need stuff for on the go but if we can I think we are going to buy organic fruits and vegetables and make our own! 

I hoped now we could take her off breast milk but apparently she still needs this as her primary source until she's 12 months. Lucky for us she is still doing great feeding herself. It seems like its going to be a lot longer before she learns to use the spoon although. 

I told a friend who has a 5 month old daughter the big news. She was excited then said "wait, aren't we suppose to feed them vegetables first?" Oops! Tonight's mission is to go buy a baby feeding book. 

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